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Opens Tuesday - Saturday 9:00-17:00, tel: 02-057-2845

Healing Yoga:

Healing through Yoga

Yoga is a holistic, healing discipline that offers a broad range of tools for supporting health, healing and personal transformation. Yoga's tools include postures, conscious breathing techniques, meditative practices, gestures, the use of vocal sounds, guided self-inquiry, and much more. These tools can be utilized in an infinite number of combinations to suit the unique needs of the individual throughout the ever-changing stages of his/her life.




What is Healing Yoga?

The yoga is contrary to the fashionable yoga that is being widely practiced. Healing yoga is through breathing, small manipulative movements and concentration. It is a gentle to rejuvenate the body and help bring it back to its optimum performance.

Healing yoga is aiming to improve the mind and the body so as to bring its functionality to the maximum. By practicing healing yoga, you are making sure that your body and mind are operating at its best. Yoga should be a part of our lives, a routine comparable to brushing your teeth!


Healing yoga can be divided into four categories:
1. Moving in alignment with the natural movement of the spine.
2. The level of difficulty of practice.
3. The goal of practicing.
4. The yoga arrangement of practice such as, sitting, standing, etc.

What are we doing with healing yoga at Niraamaya Centre Bangkok?

Our work at the centre will mostly concentrate on the goal of practicing. We will have a few short sessions where we will teach a few yoga positions for specific ailments. The clients can practice it daily to help improve their chronic conditions or some acute conditions.

Here are only a few conditions that will benefit from just a few yoga positions:

• Back pain
• Vertigo from inner ear fluid imbalances
• Knee degeneration and knee pain
• Sinusitis
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Indigestion



Download PDF file..
  6-WEEK YOGA Course

Download PDF file..

Dive deep into the ancient wisdom tradition, and science of both body and mind, known as yoga.

This course is especially designed for relatively
or completely new students.

You will learn how to breathe in a way which both
energises and relaxes you.

Be taught yoga postures which help in maintaining
the health and well-being of the body.

Learn how to let go of stress, anxiety and regrets
about the past.

Be taught techniques for helping to think in
a more positive way.

Improve your concentration and
uplift energy levels.

And finally, take away with you the knowledge that
will help you to begin your own home yoga practice


Option 1 – Mondays at 6.00-7.15pm
(Starting on October 27 and finishing December 1)

Option 2 – Wednesdays at 10.00-11.15am
(Starting on October 29 and finishing December 3)

There will be a maximum number of 4 students in each class so as to ensure you are given all the attention you require.

Total price for the 6-week course is 5000 THB

NB: If these times don’t work for you, please let us know and if we have enough people interested we may be able to run another class.


Nathanial Try
(Certified Yoga Instructor)

Nathaniel has been teaching yoga at Niraamaya Centre for over a year now. He is originally from Australia and has studied with various respected teachers throughout Canada, Thailand and even the home of yoga, India, where he studied with a 90-year-old yoga master. His philosophy when it comes to learning is that we should enjoy the process fully without taking it too seriously, as in this way we come to love what we are learning.

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Personal Yoga Classes

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Choose a set time each week which remains yours for a 10-weeks Yoga program

Classes go for 1-hour and are available Monday to Saturday, between 7.00am and 7.00pm (final class starts 6.00pm)

Max. 4 people in any class
Style of Yoga can be either HATHA or RESTORATIVE

(per class over 10-week)
1 person - 1000 THB
2 people - 650 THB each
3 people - 600 THB each
4 people - 500 THB each

(on Saturday)

Hatha Yoga
@ 10.00am 400 THB
(RSVP to confirm your space; max. 5 people)

Pranayama and Meditation

@ 11.15am (30 minutes) 100 THB
(RSVP to confirm your space; max. 8 people)

All classes led by
Nathanial Try

(Certified Yoga Instructor)


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